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(Jam)"yea a few times even have the recipe for c-4 manged to get it from a military base."*Shakes his head* cant make it tho the chemicals needed are very far and few between not to mention the triggering mechanism ."

(Jacob) *notices her look after jam finishes* "oh come on Sam it's not that bad their just powerful enough to knock a hole in a wall or get rid of a door if you really have to get out of somewhere that's all"

(Sam) *walking ahead of the group with ED-E right behind her* "You really want to know why I don't like explosives? Especially INSIDE a building. If they go off even outside the building It could fall just as fast as the explosive goes AND its a great big 'hey look at me' sign." *turning stomping slightly straight into the city.*

(Jam)"She's right I usually don't use them if i can avoid it the other day was me pretty much just throwing a temper tantrum because I could not find what I was looking for then they return with the schematics and you know the story from there."

(Jacob) " i didn't mean to use it anytime i wanted to i would only use it f i had to make a hole to get out of a dangerous area and no way would i use it in an unstable building" *frowns a little* "don't you think I'm smart enough to know that"

(Sam) "I am only still quirked by the explosives from yesterday.I just don't see explosives as elegant. They can kill you just as easily in killing others. No true control." *speeding up walking down the sidewalk*

(Jacob) "oh come on sam it's not that bad their just powerfull enough to knock a hole in a wall or get rid of a door if you really have to get out of somewhere that's all"

(Jacob) " i didn't mean to use it anytime i wanted to i would only use it f i had to make a hole to get out of a dangerous area and no way would i use it in an unstable building" *frowns a little* "don't you think I'm smart enough to know that"

(Sam) "I am only still quirked by the explosives from yesterday.I just don't see explosives as elegant. They can kill you just as easily in killing others. No true control." *speeding up walking down the sidewalk*

(Jam) depends on the type of explosive some just make a loud noise and smoke those ones are grate for distracting groups of enemy's or quick escapes. but I know what your saying about how impersonal it is needless to say why my favorite weapon is a blade."

(Jacob) "it doesn't matter what I say anymore I some how always say something to tick her off" *He says to him self while following her*

(Sam) *motioning to Jacob and speaks to him softly.* "Hey, I don't know why but I am really feeling on edge today. I have a feeling were being watched. Also I'm getting some cramps so I'm very irritable." (Ed-E)*4 beeps and his radar dish is pointing in multiple directions.* "looks like that place is inhabited." *sticks her head around the corner and notices the characteristic Brown armor of the NCR.* "wanna see if their peaceful?"

(Jam)"umm i'm afraid I might have to sit this one out the N.C.R is not so fond of my kind and I don't think my disguise will work to well up close. but don't worry"*droping the lat to bags at their feet*"I will be keeping an eye out for you there are a few vantage point's around here and I have a few trick up my sleeve for going unnoticed."*pointing toward the bags* you can sell the stuff in those we can meet up back here if you want when you are done."

(sam) *looking at the bags and then at him* "Are we your Errand boys? If those NCR pricks have something wrong with you selling well maintained weapons. If you want to sell those best you sell em or else you will get 5 caps if I sell em." *starts walking around the corner with Ed-E in tow. Leaving jacob and Jam around the corner Walking up to the wall and yelling at one of the guards* "What is this place? Can we come in and trade and if so which way to the entrance!?"

(Jam)"ahh shit."*looks at Jacob and points toward the bags*"Ok first that's just salvage I never sell my weapons, second I have very little use for money that was just an offer fore you two, and lastly THE N.C.R KILLS GHOULS.*Jam then rips off all the stuff on his head and jamming the helmet on and flicking the switch Activating the stealth field*"I'll meet up with you guys when you return like i said."*he promptly disappears down the nearby alley*

(the soldiers) *one of them walks up to her* "halt who are you and what is your business here"

(Sam) "Really, I have to ask again. I was just wondering if this was a possible trading outpost or a military base. The walls looked a bit large for a standard trader and you guys are really trying to flex your 'army muscles'. IF you are infact allowing trader's we just want to see what you have and see if you want what we got. Although, if you are in fact a military base. we have overstayed our welcome and will be going now." *standing there tapping her foot waiting for Jacob and the soldier's response.

(Jacob) *walks over to sam* "sorry i was talking to Jam" *turns to the soldier* "you can stop the tough guy act the raider base near by is gone if you couldn't tell by the missing building"

(soldier) "sorry but we had to be sure you were not going to attack" *he turns to sam* "i'm very sorry ma'am yes you can trade here head on in" *the gate slowly opens*

(Sam)  "Thank you. Have a nice day."*walking towards the gate like she owns the place. With both Ed-E and Jacob following behind her. She survey's the guards as she passes knowing none of the would care about a girl gauging them. Stopping in front of one of the gate guards* "Which way to the traders and you guys wouldn't happen to have a bar or a place to eat." *noticing Jacob's eyes roll at the mention of the bar.*

(guard) "for the traders just go down the street and take a left and they are right there and for a bar and food their on the upper level just go up the stairs and and that's where you can eat and drink"

(Sam) "Thanks for that." *walks off towards the traders knowing Jacob was gonna sell whatever was in those bags. Turning to Jacob but signaling to Jam that they will be a bit.* "How about we go see what they have over at the traders and get rid of that stuff for Jam. Then, go get a couple drinks?" *smiling slyly. Hoping he will let her get some whiskey but almost already knowing the disappointing answer.*

(Jam)*climbing and getting to his vantage point still cloaked. As Jacob is still walking towards Sam "wow thees guys found a surprisingly good defensible position. If the hasbr building was still standing it would be a pain to find a good vantage point to keep an eye out with my sniper…. I got to stop talking to myself."*Jam watches them through the scope of his strange .50 cal that looks like a gaus-rifle mix with a large black scope with red stripes circling it.*"Wish I could hear what they were saying or at least read lips." *as the two walk through the gate and he notices a signal from Sam. Letting him know its okay and that they'd be a while.* "God that girl is smart I wouldn't have known she was signaling if I wasn't watching them like a hawk."

(Jam)*checking the power supply readout in his helm* "looks like I got about an hour before I have to switch out the battery hmmm hope they wont get into trouble for the ten minutes it takes to do that but with my luck and them being... them I better be prepared". *Jam takes out clips of ammo and sets them down for easy access and settle ins to wait keeping a eye on the motion tracker in sit HUD*.

(Jacob) *smiling at Sam* "sure I'd like to be able to get something without scavenging for it for once and I could use a drink"

(Sam) *surprised at his response and kinda happy she speed up only a bit. Remembering poor Jam is out in this heat on over watch. Seeing a large group of people and recognizing the signature pack Brahmin of a trader she enters the tent holding open the door for Jacob and Ed-E. making sure to have Ed-e wait in the corner. Sitting down at a table pulling out some water to sip on along with a food cube.* "Go ahead Jacob ima wait here as you do your trading."

(Jacob) *walks up to the merchant putting the bags on a table and looks at all the items he has up* "whoa you got some good stuff"

(merchant tom) "Well, why thank you. My name is Tom." *reaching out and shaking Jacobs hand* "Seems like you got a bit to trade. What can I do for ya?"

(Jacob) "first do you have a small axe like a suvival one or a tomahawk you know something you can use in a fight that's light weight and small"

(Tom) "Actually your just in luck I just got this in the other day." *handing him a foot long black solid steel hatchet* It's pretty good steel and holds a nice edge. I think I would part with it for about 75 caps. Unless you got something nice to trade. Mind if i take a look at what you got?" *motioning towards the two bags sitting on the table.*

(Jacob) "yeah sure I plan on doing a lot of trading" *moves the bags over to him and opening them*

(Tom)*sliding the bags over and extracting the items. Smiling and realizing its not just junk and everything is in great condition* "You have some really good stuff in here. You planning on getting rid of all of this?" *Still laying everything out in front of him. Emptying the first bag and noticing the next having mainly tools and building materials.*

(Jacob) "yep as much as I can so Do you see anything you like that I can trade for the hatchet cause I really like it"

(Tom) *examining everything and doing a metal tally* "Actually I would like to do a group price for all the items. Right now that hatchet would be yours and I would give you… Another 250 caps for all of this. That's if you don't see anything else you might want." *noticing Sam standing up and looking at everything laid out. She stares at the items for a good long time then at the shelves surveying everything.*

(Sam) *Noticing two boxes of ammo for her gun and another two for her pistol she gently elbows Jacob and motions towards the ammo.* "There's some ammo for my guns and yours." Pulling out her pouch and begins to ask about the price.*

(Tom)"Oh your lucky that's on sale 25 caps for the 4 boxes add another 20 for the larger rounds."*grabbing the boxes and placing them on the bench.* "now see anything else you might want?" the question more focused towards Jacob.*

(Jacob) *looks at the guns in the back and sets his eyes on one* "how much is the m4 with the attachments back there"

(Tom) *looking back and pulling the M4 off the rack. first removing the mag and checking the chamber. Then handing over to him.* "Your the first to actually realize that's the M4 and not an ar-15 or m16. It has a Eotech scope and a foregrip grenade launcher combination. It comes with 3 magazines and 2 boxes of ammo. I call it the 'Sentimental Journey'. Fires dead on and is reliable as all get out. Since your the first person to actually know what it is I will strike a deal with ya. I will only charge you 150 caps for it. Since your willing to trade all this great stuff. So that brings your total to… 65 caps in your pocket."

(Jacob) *looking at Sam with a look that ask if it's ok to get it*

(Sam) *looks back raising an eyebrow.* "It's not MY  stuff." *winking to remind him it's Jam's. Jacob remembers that Jam just really wanted to get rid of it all.*

(Jacob) "Hmm you got any rounds for the launcher even if you don't you still got your self a deal"

(Tom) *starts grabbing the extra mags and ammo.* "I only have 3 rounds for it. You know what I'm gonna toss those in. i like you. Plus, I can't really use 'em now without that. I take it that's all you want then?" *Begins putting everything on the table into one of his many bins. Tosses Sam's ammo to her. She catches and gives a approving nod, tossing it into her bag and then puts her bag onto her shoulder.* "Ready to go?"

(Jacob) "yep that's everything thanks" *he puts one mag into the gun and the rest in his bag* "alright ready?"

(Sam) *exasperated* "I've been ready. See ya Tom, thanks again." *making sure to have Ed-E follow her before she holds the door open for the two.* "Off to the bar!

(tom)*getting in one last word before she shuts the door* "Tell Jackson the Barkeep I sent ya and your a friend of mine. He'll give ya access to the good stuff."

(Sam) "Thanks again Tom. Have a great day." *as she shuts the door she hear "You too." Looking up at Jacob excited.* "lets go get some whiskey. Then regroup with Jam. If anyone needs a drink he does." *Walks off before Jacob could get a word in. Entering the old airport lobby her mouth drops at how extravagantly decorated it is.*

(Jacob) *walks in behind her and sees the decorations* "holy sh-" *puts a hand over his mouth. Notices Sam grinning from him ALMOST swearing.*

*going back to poor Jam up on his makeshift perch

(Jam)"well no trouble so far and the battery is just about to fail might as well switch them out now"*Stepping back form the ledge he shuts off the stealth field then takes off the helm and pulls a flask off his belt and three fission battery's out of one of the pouches taking a swig he begins swapping out the batteries for his suit* "can't take to long they just entered what I can assume is the bare from all the staggering soldiers coming out of it. and that is were the trouble usually starts"

(Jam)"that should do it" *taking another swig from his flask he caps it, putting it back on his belt. He then puts the helmet back on and activates the stealth field stepping back up to the edge grabbing the rife he puts it up to his shoulder for easy use but not looking down the scope so he could observe the entire camp* "time to wait for shit to hit the fan. hope they don't do anything to bad but I got a feeling it's only a matter of time with those two.... god I hope i'm wrong."

(Sam) *distracted from the sight and with a shake of her head. She starts heading up the giant stairwell. As she begins to walk through the door to the bar she gets stopped by a guard.*

(guard) "Excuse me missy I am going to have to ask for your weapons." *reaching for her rifle.*

(Sam) *Grabbing his hand and making it crack as she squeezes it. Making him fall to the ground in pain.* "It's one thing to ask.*as the other guard goes to smack her with the butt of his gun only to be stopped by her other hand.* "You don't grab for me or anything on my person. Besides. *looking at both of them and noticing Ed-E's laser fired up and waiting to fire* I would have handed them over peacefully." *Jacob grabs her shoulder as she releases both guards. Ed-E's laser powers down too* "Now, lets try this again. I believe you were going to ask nicely to confiscate my weapons so I can enter this fine establishment."

*both guards stare at her in disbelief* (guard)*speaking nervously*"May I please have your weapons, Ma'am. *bringing out two tubs for both of them*

(Sam)"Of course my fine sir's." *disarming everything except her survival knife hidden on her leg. Jacob follows suit keeping one of his knives on him.* "You see how simple that is. Now sorry about dislocating your hand. Be happy that was the only thing that got hurt."*walking right in without them getting another word in. As Jacob comes up to her to say something.*

(Jacob) "you're so awesome and I'm glad you didn't hurt them to badly. They deserved what they got. The dumb asses. Now, let's get something to drink"

(Sam) *grinning* "Those guys were such WIMPS anyways." *making sure they heard her. Walking up to the bar and asking for Jackson. A large man about 7 foot tall walks over*"Were friends of Tom's and he said you got some high quality drink"

(Jackson) *looking up* "Well a friend of Tom's is a friend of mine. Oh and if he told you about my shine. You better be able to handle it. *pulling out 3 triple shot shotglasses and a large mason jar filled with a clear fluid. Jacob's face lights up at the mention of moonshine. Sam starts pulling out her pouch to buy the large bottle of whiskey she had her eyes on as soon as she approached the counter. Eying both bottles as he opens the mason jar and pours each shot to the top and hands each of them their shot.

(Jackson) "To freedom" *They all down their shots Sam kinda chokes for a second and smiles after realizing how powerful it was.*

(Jacob) "damn that is good i haven't ever had shine this good" *turns to sam with a smile on his face* "it's good stuff isn't it"

(Sam) "Holy shit! That's good. *feeling the effects already* That's your own home brewed batch. anyway I could get a bottle of this and if not. How about that large bottle of whiskey right there. *pointing at the square shaped 2 liter caramel colored bottle* How much would I owe ya?"

(Jackson) "That one is 20 caps. Although one of these large mason jars is about 45."

(Sam) *glancing over at Jacob to see if that was a good price.* "sounds good. *handing over the caps and placing both bottles into one of her deep jacket pockets* Can we get another one of those shots tossing 5 caps onto the counter."

(Jackson)* pushing the caps back to her* "Not a problem, it's nice being able to drink this with some company." *pouring another round for the group.* "I wouldn't suggest any more after this tho."

(Jacob) "yeah" *looks at her* "unless you want to be drunk off your ass when we leave and I'd rather you be drunk where we can't cause any trouble I don't want to get kicked out of this town"

(Sam)"Oh Okay. *already flushing slightly* I gotta say that is the best alcohol I have had in a long time Jack."

(Jack)"Why thank you lil miss. I have been working on it for a while. I gotta admit this last run was my best yet. Oh and that whiskey you picked was made by me too."

(Sam) "Oh really, You make your own alcohol? You are now my best friend." *tossing 10 caps into his tip jar* "Expect to see me back. That stuff hit me good. I'm sorry to drink and dash but I am gonna have to get out of here. Oh and sorry about the guard up front. I kinda dislocated his hand."

(jack)"Yea don't worry about those ass holes. Their idiots all the time. Hell I caught on of em snagging drinks. Anyways Its been nice meeting you." *holding out his hand waiting for names* (Sam) "I'm sam. *shaking his hand firmly.* (jacob) "And I'm Jacob." (Jack) Well it's been nice meeting you and maybe one of these day's when it's an off day we can really get plastered. You two seem like you'd be good drinking buddies." *saluting a shot at the and draining it.* "Safe travels to ya two."

(Sam) "See ya Jack." *now to deal with these ass holes* "Hey guys may I please have my weapons back?" *guard grabs the two tubs and hands them to her. Holding out her hand* "Give it or lose your genitals." *The guard whose hand she dislocated removes her Kukri and tries to draw it. Only to be stopped by her survival knife touching his neck. Yelling to jack* "Hey Jackson this guy just tried to steal my knife. Then try and draw it on me. *dragging him to the bar.* "What should I do to him? I was thinking of taking the pinkie if that's okay with you." *The guard instantly starts struggling only to feel her tense up and start making him hurt."

(Jack) "He never was much of a security guard. Don't worry I will do it for ya so you don't have to worry about those NCR guys getting on your case." *coming out from bar*

(Sam) "Like I said Jackson you are my best friend now." *Handing Jacob her Kukri and tosses the man into Jacksons massive arms.* "See ya, don't be afraid to do anything I wouldn't do." *noticing Jacob was keeping the other guard at bay and had already tossed on his pack. Tossing on her own noticing nothing else missing. They head down the stairwell and out the door.*

(Jacob) "well that was fun we got a good drink made a new friend and we didn't get in trouble and i got a kickass rifle. but i'm glad to be heading back out." *he says while checking out the gun*

(Sam)"Yup all in all a good day. Time to go hook up with Jam and share the spoils of the day." *noticing a glint on top of a building. Stretching up both arms and waving a hand towards the glint

(Jam)"well they made out of the bar, and they can still walk straight, no alarms are sounding and I don't see any guards rushing them that's good. but there not out of the camp yet gotta keep my guard up."*noticing her wave he realizes everything went without a hitch.

(Sam) "Now let's get out of here and hook back up with Jam. Seems like he's been on watch the whole time. Must think were a couple of loose cannons or something. Causing trouble where ever we go but nope. Poor guy must have been stuck up there the whole time." *Keeps walking and says good bye to the guards at the gate. Heading down the same street. Only to see a shimmer coming out the alley way and drawing her gun. Seeing Jam appear after uncloaking.*"Your lucky. Oh I hope you drink. We got some great alcohol and sorry to say I am getting shit faced tooo night." *walking off leading the way back to the post office. As the two guys start talking.*

(Jam)"Right That's good I haven't had a drink with company in.... I lost track any way we might have to dip into my supply takes more than usual to get a ghoul drunk. I'm glad you guys had a successful time and that nothing happened I honestly thought something bad was going to happen. but then again the ncr usually tries to kill me. so it is to be expected."

(Jacob) *he takes out the new rifle and shows it to Jam" "I was able to trade your stuff for this and some change.*handing the extra caps to Jam* i think it was a damn good buy considering the grenade launcher and three rounds for it and i have a decent amount of ammo that came with the gun. So what do you think?"

(Jam)*looks at the caps shakes his head and holds them back out to Jacob*"Not to be rude but you can keep them I have a whole duffle bag full already measured out into individual bags for mines, and the gun is a good find M4 carbine with under-barrel grenade launcher not my personal choice. but a good gun none the less might be able to make a few custom rounds for the main gun and the under-barrel but not sure how much more I could do to it… maybe a suppressor and a scope.

(Jacob) "well i can decide what i'm gonna put on it later oh and i also got this hatchett" *takes it out of his pack and shows to him* "thought it might come in handy one day"

(Sam) *arriving at the door waiting for the guys* "Oh you boys and your toys. We also got a bit of ammo for my guns. Mind getting your traps out of the way. I would but you set 'em up and I had a couple shotsss already." *slurring her S's a bit.

(Jacob) "Sam you know you're not drinking all that shine i get part of it besides it takes me longer to get drunk than it does you"

(Sam) *pulls out the moonshine* "Think fast Jacob." *tossing it at him and luckily he catches after almost dropping on the concrete.* "I got my Whiskey to enjoy. You two can enjoy that shine. After I get another shot, of course."

(Jacob) "finally more than just a shot of it" *waiting patiently to get in*

(Jam)*steps in and starts disarming traps*"well looks like this night is gonna be interesting."

(Sam) *to impatient to wait for Jam and already feeling the moonshine. She unscrews the top off her whiskey and takes a long 4 second chug. Even Jam hears the glugs of the caramel liquid in the bottle.* "OH MY GOD that stuff is GREAT! Sorry Jacob but you have been replaced that guy can make some gooooooooood whiskey." *smiling ear to ear. Just as she finishes her comment both the guys shoot in first just so they can bust into the moonshine too.* "ladies first huh." *smiling again. She lets Ed-E in and laughs as she shuts the door for Jam.*

(Jam)"OK first things first."*walks over to the large mail container he used to store his stuff in and grabs out an empty bag*"I recommend putting your explosives in here from my experience alcohol and explosives don't mix without destroying half the neighborhood on the process."*tosses the bag at them then takes off his grenade belt and three of the pouches on his belt and puts them in the box.*

(Sam) *Tosses over one grenade and nothing else* "Now him, you might need another bag.*heads downstairs and tosses her pack onto the bed and removes her metal plated leather armor leaving just a tank top and skin tight jeans. (Looking like the title picture but with red hair, no glasses and size C cup tho.)

(Jam)"Alright now onto the next step."*He proceeds to bar all the doors leading into the post office except for the roof access*: Before you ask yes I am paranoid but with good reason I have had to fight my way out of one to many hostile situations involving people and things stumbling across me when i stop for a drink of twenty."

(Sam) *coming back up and drawing both of their attentions "No prob man. I engineered my place to have locks on the outside where no one can see. Gotta worry at all times." *Putting up her arms. Realizing them both staring at her.* What?" *looking down at her bust and seeing her headlights on high. Grabbing over her boobs she runs downstairs and tosses on one of her extra tops. Coming back up blushing beat red.*

(Jam)"I think I'm gonna keep my mouth shut on this one"*shakes his head Grabbing his flask and taking a drink*.

(Jacob) *already has the jar open and drinking* "god I love this stuff its strong and it burns but it feels good" *taking you more swig then holding up for Jam* "want some?"

(Sam) "Damn white shirts. *takes her bottle of whiskey and takes another swig out of it so a quarter of its already gone.* Hey jam you got any music we can turn on?"

(Jam)"hmm give me sec I might have A radio or some thing around here"*Starts rummaging through various bags and different containers*"Nothing" *notices ED-E and points at him*"but It looks like you already got one following you around just give me a few minutes with him and I might be able to pick up something that is if it is ok with you"*looks at Sam*"hell I could probably upgrade him a bit while I'm at it."

(Sam)*looking up at Ed-E forgetting about him* "Hey Ed-E can you pick up any radio broadcasts? (Ed-E) There are 10 broadcast I am able to pick up. (sam) Okay flip through them until I tell you to stop. (Ed-E) *starts flipping through stations Until sam tells him to stop on upbeat sounding music.

(Sam) "Seems like he's working fine." *starts dancing to the beat*

(Jacob) *drinking and watching her dance and thinking to him self god she's beauiful*

(Sam) *noticing Jacob watching "Hey Jacob c'mon and dance. Otherwise I'm gonna stop" *teasing him*

(Jacob) *blushes* "i um don't know how to dance"

(sam) "c'monnnnn. *whining and pulling at his arm.* I want to daaaaaance and if you don't i'm going down stairs and sleeping. C'mon just one soooong."

*poor jam is just sitting to himself as she pulls at him.

(Jam)"Don't worry lover boy no matter how hard you try you can never really screw up dancing besides"*Jam stands up* your gonna have plenty of room to flail about while I head to the roof to watch the sun set."* jam grabs his sniper and starts walking toward the stairs* have fun!"

(Jacob) *gives in and gets up* "alright alright you win i'll dance with you"

(Sam) *Instantly by his side. She bumps her rump into his hip as she starts dancing. As soon as Jam shuts the door she plants a quick kiss on his lips* "I love you."

(Jacob) "i love you to" *returning the kiss*

(Sam) *continuing from the kiss to dance with him. after the song finishes he sits down and so does she. Until she remembers Jam up on the roof. Going over to the hatch leading to the roof and doing the 'lets shave the barber' knock. popping the hatch.* "hey get back in here you said you were gonna drink with us."

(Jam)"hmm ya be just a minute." *he stands tucking a note book inside his jacket then grabs his rifle and follows her down*

(Jacob) *drinking more shine feel slight effects*

(Sam) *pulls out 3 shot glasses and pours the shine in each.* "Lets all take a shot to new friends and new adventures!"

(Jacob) "yep new friends new adventures"

(Jam)"to new friends and adventure"!* raising his glass high and clicking it against the others then downing it* hmm good stuff even I felt the burn"

(Sam) *downing her own glass as Jacob downs his* "alright, anyone want to play a drinking game?

(Jam)"Sure as long as as you don't mind losing to a ghoul already told ya I takes A LOT more to get a ghoul drunk." *smirking to himself.

(Jacob) "sure why not."

(Sam) *pulls out her deck of poker cards* "Alright whatcha wanna play poker, go fish or just go shot for shot until we pass out?"

(Jam)"I'm up for whatever but truth be told I would be easier to go shot for shot."

(Sam) "Nice, shot for shot then." *starts pouring shots and passes em out.*

(Jam)"bottoms up lets see how long you two last"*downs the drink*

(Jacob) *downs the shot and setting the glass back down*

(sam) Downs her drink and pours three more for herself. "your turn guys." handing over the mason jar.

(Jacob) *drinks down three more as well clearing his throat*

(Jam) *Accepts the jar from Jacob. He downs his 3 shots actually getting to feel the liquor actually affecting him.* your turn wimpy " Joking at sam handing over the shine for her next round.

(Sam) *taking another two shots only to make sure they could still all have  at least another round and maybe more."Hell yea." downing her shots in quick succession and sliding it over to Jacob. stopping just teetering on the edge of the table.*

(Jacob) *pours the three shot* "aw damn it last round" *passes the shots to them*

The three take their shots downing them to the last drop. After drinking her shot.

(Sam)*She just grins and looks at the two guys. "Now, to MY drink of choice." pulling out the large 2 liter whiskey bottle already missing a sizeable chunk of fluid. She begins filling each glass with the aromatic, caramel colored liquid. The two guys, smelling their shots realize its pretty much a flavored version of the moonshine. They continue the game into the night. Beginning to swap stories and just plain ol' jolly making. There was one slight fright when Sam picked up Jam and started running around with him above her head as she danced to a catchy song. Even Ed-E joined in the merry making and dancing.
Oh and the title picture is to get the feel of how Samantha looks like in this series. This was a long update and hasn't been revised yet so If you see stuff point it out. Should be edited soon.
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